..So here’s the deal. There once were a bunch of heroes who more or less got broken during the great war for a variety of reasons. A pyromaniac wizard, a displaced elf, a scary-scared up horse lovin’ Cyran, and me. I’m the lovable guy with no real memory of WHO I am, but I know what I’m good at…. but I’ll get to that later.

Anyway, regardless of our pasts, we were the best of the best, and when an old short bloke named Boroman (argh, I can never get that old dude’s name right. But then again, I wasn’t really paying attention at the time) invited us up to a fancy cloud castle, we found ourselves united by a cause – Help the old dude find a schema to make him less sick, and become Wayfinders – like, only the preeminent group of adventurers in all of Khorvaire.

Off we went, and we found a crazy little scientist named Milo, and a hairy jolly Lhazaaran named Roland. They were to be our guides to Xend’rick – that’s a place that really sucks. Along the way, we were betrayed by the pyromanic, and we lost the elf, but we picked up a spunky gnome, an Onatar-Loving warforged, and a half-orc with some major anger issues… as well as a cool boat. Now, we’re heading to the wilds of Xend’rick to find the Schema, and maybe to find our own destinies along the way!

...CUE MUSIC… (and cool action sequence showing people. Yay!)

Shannon Hobbs as…. Niffa, the Gnome-Artificer

Liz Yohe Moore as… Ahn, the Warforged-Cleric

Jessica Mason as… Min, the Cyran Wizard-Swordmage

Noam Strassfeld as… Uruk, the Half-Orc Ranger

Quentin Turner as… Kyler, the Cyran Kukrimaster

...guest starring…

Roland Taggert, Thunderguide and Milo Occam, Totally Sane Person

with Feldan Dudemeister

and Joshua Anderegg, as the Dungeon Master

WISH LIST: (click here to add)

- wiki structure for journal

- notes section for messages to Boromin and so on

- people page with correct spelling of names and short descriptions of all NPCs

- http://www.groovygamers.com/forum/index.php?topic=5122.0;wap2


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