Prince Oargev

Prince of Cyre and rightful heir to the throne of Galifar, if you ask Min or most Cyrans. Currently living in New Cyre and doing his best to bring his people back together.

Day of Mourning

On the Day of Mourning, Oargev was camped with the Knights of the Crescent Moon in Breland, just outside the Cyran border. When they saw the cloud passing over the land, he mounted his horse and rode towards it in a panicked attempt to save his people. Min, the only Knight who saw him go, followed and attempted to subdue him, and he swiped at her with his sword, giving her the large scar over her nose that she still wears. She punched him out with the hilt of her sword and turned his horse around, riding a few miles into Breland until it was clear the cloud was no longer spreading.

She found another member of the knights, Marcus, and brought the unconscious prince to him, telling him the story of what had happened. He told her she had disobeyed her sacred and lifelong oath to let no harm come to the prince, and she left in shame without seeing any of her other comrades.

It is unknown what happened to the prince between this time and his tenure in New Cyre, but it has been suggested by Elaine that Marcus did not survive the Day of Mourning and none of the Knights knew why Min had left – they came to the belief that she had deserted.

Prince Oargev

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