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This is our wiki. Since we don’t have a basic structure yet I’m just going to create a couple pages and link to them here so I don’t lose them.

If you are going to create pages for the NPCs, please check the spelling here first. So far, here is the list of NPCs I can remember – ask Josh for the spelling if you want to add someone so we don’t create pages we have to then delete and remake.


Roland Taggert

Milo Occam

Feldan Dudemeister

Boroman ir’Dayne

Elaine Harmon

Tamil Orthain

Kharva Cracktusk

Myra Finch

Trace Sparrowhawk



Turmeric Goodberry

Lt Cuddlesworth

Designate 214

Rien Akar


Blue Henry

Savannah Silvermoon

Summer Silvermoon

The Thunder Chief

Lord Daren il’Orien


Lady Voraal


Prince Oargev

Can we also add:

What is the new name for that Acar guy? The guy with the other offer?


Savannah Summermoon

I believe was one.

and, to be added once I get these names -


Kyler’s mystery dude


Uruk’s wife and 2 kids

That dude Kyler knows in Cragwar

cheat sheet for some Eberron info, eventually I will include what we need from this in here

List of Dragonmarked Houses

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Main Page

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