we are joined by a Thunder Guide

We ran into some trouble picking up Taggert – it seems the Church was not eager to give him up – but we were successful in the end. In fact, even he resisted, until we spoke of Boroman. Then his bags were packed in an instant and we were leaving this strange city and some displeased priests behind. I do not like Flamekeep. I do not speak the language, and the people here are either shrieking zealots or timid mice, frozen in fear under their bizarre pope-king. Their buildings have no grace, no elegance. I will be happy when it is far behind us.

Roland is a kind man, a Lhazaaran shifter and adventurer, but it seems his time with the church has left him injured in more ways than one. He bears an enormous brand – a silver holy symbol embedded into the skin of his chest – and I would imagine as part lycanthrope this causes him great pain, but he does not object. He is weighed down with some enormous guilt, and I suspect this is the cause of his tenure with the church and his lack of protestations at their marring of his body. He has no interest in being freed from either of these injuries, however.

Onward, to Asylum, to retrieve our second companion, a Professor Milo Occham, a gnome who is resting there after his first trip to Xend’rick. Roland seems excited to see him and confident in his knowledge. I am sure he will be a valued member of our cadre.


Wrogar Keep to Auxylgard
traveling companions

We are on our way to Flamekeep to pick up our Thunder Guide, Roland Taggert, who has joined the Church of the Silver Flame there. Uneventful travel.

Kyler is also Cyran, but he has lost his memory of the war and the Day of Mourning. I find myself almost jealous of him. He is a trustworthy, but sometimes frighteningly vicious, ally. I will be keeping an eye on him, Cyran or no.

Ylaena is quiet, an Aundairian captain of some regard. She seems to be weary of this life, maybe just another tired soldier finally at the end of a long war. As an elf, I would imagine she has seen a great deal more of it than any of us.

Feldan is a bit strange, but harmless. He has a natural curiosity about the world, one that makes him a curious figure himself. He did not serve Breland during the war, but rather was involved in a disastrous expedition in the Demon Wastes at some point. He does not speak much of it. I suppose we all have our secrets.

Artax is enjoying the roads on this side of Khorvaire – a good deal easier on his shoes, I suspect.


Outside Fairhaven
a journey begins, and I meet my companions

I am invited to a banquet at the home of Lord Boroman ir Dain, an Aundairian noble, granted the title at some point. He is a leader of the Wayfinders Guild, an organization in which I would greatly benefit to be a member. I arrive late, due to some unfortunate business on the road with a kobold who thought I owed him money, and have barely sat down when there is a great crashing and suddenly a hole in the eastern wall. And sticking through the hole, half a troll. Just as soon after, the bottom half of a second troll crashes through the ceiling, and we’re off.

The majority of the dinnergoers, most of whom purported to be adventurers, fled out the south door, and I found myself fighting alongside an elven knight, an assassin, and a wizard. The battle took us to the roof and a neighboring structure, then down into the lodgings of Lord ir Dain himself, where we set an unfortunate and accidental fire and I was trapped inside a burning closet – something I did not object strenuously to, as it won me a fine new red velvet feed bag for Artax.

Lord ir Dain is grateful for our help, and has been searching for adventurers for a dangerous journey, traveling to Xend’rick to find a schema. He is gravely ill, and he needs this schema to save his life. I do not understand the details, but we have accepted and are on our way. We set out the next morning, and by nightfall we reach Wrogar Keep.

Also, I forgot to mention, I rode one of the trolls.


Welcome to Eberron, bitches
i.e. How We Roll

Hey dudes, here is the way to do this that makes sense to me. First off, log whatever you like. Log often, and log long. And log big and tough. And log loggy. Add stuff that has already happened if you like, anything you want to do. These are just guidelines for how to keep it all straight, namely with the tags and the dates.

First off, there doesn’t appear to be any automatic distinguisher to show us who is posting what entry, so sign all your posts somehow with either your character’s name (if it’s your character) or OOC (if it’s just a quick and dirty recap or an explanatory maintenance post like this one.) I am also going to tag all of Min’s log entries with minlog so from the wiki we can see everything she’s written, and all the OOC entries with ooclog for the same reason. Feel free to do this for your log entries as well.

Dates are more tricky. Since we want these to be in the right order, we should make the dates of the posts sort of correspond to the in-game dates of events. Quick and dirty way to roll, just figure out what Eberron date you are talking about and change your log post to the one that corresponds:

Zarantyr/January, Olarune/February, Therendor/March, Eyre/April, Dravago/May, Nymm/June, Lharvion/July, Barrakas/August, Rhaan/September, Sypheros/October, Aryth/November, Vult/December

In case anyone is wondering, the days of the week are (and you can see, these basically translate to U-M-T-W-H-F-S) Sul, Mol, Zol, Wir, Zor, Far, and Sar.

Those months also pretty much correspond to the time of year and season, so we can get an idea of the weather at the time. Each month has exactly 28 days, so there is no Therendor 31 or anything. If you reach the end of a month, just go on to the next one. All log posts are gonna be in 2005 because it’s arbitrary and gives us a chance to move up to 10 years forward in the game. If Josh wants to do that to us.

We met each other (originally) on Therendor 1, so all posts should be from March 1, 2005 forward. If you don’t know the exact date something happened, just fudge it – put your post between two existing ones if you know it happened sometime during that time. Nothing has to be perfect, we just want to know what happened in what order and around what day.

Also, just for reference, each log post is also a wiki page, so if we want to make reference to notes we left or other such things this is a great way to do it. I’m going to copy out all the notes we have sent Boroman or left for various people into here and we can link to them in the wiki as well.

As for style or structure, do what you like. Min’s entries are going to have the location as the title and a brief summary as the tagline, because that would be her style. As long as the date is right and the tags are correctly assigned, we shouldn’t have any trouble telling what is happening when and who is talking.

Ok! Please enjoy, please use as much as you like, and rock on. Woooooo.


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