Resident Kukri-Master


Kyler doesn’t talk much – well, about things that matter, anyway.

What you know so far:

Kyler is 29, originally from Cyre, he has no memory (or admits to no memory) of his life before the great cataclysm. After some years wandering Sharn, and a brief stopover in New Cyre, Kyler had more recently found a home in the northern Brelish city of Cragwar, where he works at an unassuming shop for a Gnome Inventor.

Kyler has shown himself to have little patience for smalltalk, preferring to take a more forceful approach in most situations. Diplomacy is almost always faked, and veiled with intimidation and threat. Notably, he has shown an interesting efficiency of seeing a fight to true completion – more than once he has run down an enemy that has tried to escape.

After the death of Yleana, Kyler seemed in more denial than the others, and has since acted somewhat erratically – including an unusual quickness to ‘go native’ after being arrested and subsequently purchased by Lady Vorall to fight in the Red Ring.

Kyler has admitted that the figure he was chasing in Stormreach was someone he recognized from Khorvaire, and suspects he has been followed and that the figure is working against the party with Felden Dudemeister and others.


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