Wrogar Keep to Auxylgard

traveling companions

We are on our way to Flamekeep to pick up our Thunder Guide, Roland Taggert, who has joined the Church of the Silver Flame there. Uneventful travel.

Kyler is also Cyran, but he has lost his memory of the war and the Day of Mourning. I find myself almost jealous of him. He is a trustworthy, but sometimes frighteningly vicious, ally. I will be keeping an eye on him, Cyran or no.

Ylaena is quiet, an Aundairian captain of some regard. She seems to be weary of this life, maybe just another tired soldier finally at the end of a long war. As an elf, I would imagine she has seen a great deal more of it than any of us.

Feldan is a bit strange, but harmless. He has a natural curiosity about the world, one that makes him a curious figure himself. He did not serve Breland during the war, but rather was involved in a disastrous expedition in the Demon Wastes at some point. He does not speak much of it. I suppose we all have our secrets.

Artax is enjoying the roads on this side of Khorvaire – a good deal easier on his shoes, I suspect.



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