Outside Fairhaven

a journey begins, and I meet my companions

I am invited to a banquet at the home of Lord Boroman ir Dain, an Aundairian noble, granted the title at some point. He is a leader of the Wayfinders Guild, an organization in which I would greatly benefit to be a member. I arrive late, due to some unfortunate business on the road with a kobold who thought I owed him money, and have barely sat down when there is a great crashing and suddenly a hole in the eastern wall. And sticking through the hole, half a troll. Just as soon after, the bottom half of a second troll crashes through the ceiling, and we’re off.

The majority of the dinnergoers, most of whom purported to be adventurers, fled out the south door, and I found myself fighting alongside an elven knight, an assassin, and a wizard. The battle took us to the roof and a neighboring structure, then down into the lodgings of Lord ir Dain himself, where we set an unfortunate and accidental fire and I was trapped inside a burning closet – something I did not object strenuously to, as it won me a fine new red velvet feed bag for Artax.

Lord ir Dain is grateful for our help, and has been searching for adventurers for a dangerous journey, traveling to Xend’rick to find a schema. He is gravely ill, and he needs this schema to save his life. I do not understand the details, but we have accepted and are on our way. We set out the next morning, and by nightfall we reach Wrogar Keep.

Also, I forgot to mention, I rode one of the trolls.



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