OOC Log 5/2/2010

We came back to camp and Khyler didn’t make the twice cooked pheasant that he said he would. He was pissed that he wasn’t able to kill the Fromorians, wanted to go back and kill the kids (Uruk and Min said no). We decided to carry the boat down the side of the river until the rapids were done. Once we got to a more calm place Uruk, Min and Kyler fashioned two rafts to the side of the sole remaining boat. Had an axe throwing contest the Kyler won by destroying the axe that Uruk leant Min. Uruk asked Khyler to make new axe, instead Kyler threw the axe into the river.

We got jumped by some Drow including Ma’arat (Uruk’s contact). Ma’arat accused Uruk of killing some kids. We killed a couple of Drow. Hit a rock and we all fell onto the shore. Got surrounded by a bunch of Drow. Talked them out of killing us by challenging to a one on one combat with Uruk and Drow High Priest. Uruk killed the high priest, he turned into a scorpion and killed him again. Ma’arat explained that guys in blue cloaks killed the kids, we told him we would show him where he needs to go to go after the breelish guys. Ma’arat said he must take us back to the village.


JoshOnInternet nstrassfeld

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