OOC Log 4/25/10

- We navigated the river until Min accidentally flipped the boat. Min tried to go after the boat as it went into the rapids but Ahn threw a rope after her and Min got back to Uruk, Ahns and Niffa’s boat.

- Niffa got knocked out.

- Kyler grabbed onto the boat and switched places with Uruk who can walk on water cause of the Jesus boots. Min teleported to shore still lassoed to Ahn’s waist. Uruk lassoed a tree and pulled the boat closer. Together Min and Uruk pulled the boat to shore.

- Got to shore went to bed with magical concealed campfire.

- Next morning heard singing, Ahn, Min and Uruk went to investigate.

- Uruk went on ahead and was sneaky. Ahn and Min walked forward fell into a pit where Min yelled out “PUNCH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

- We fought fomorians and a Cyclops and killed them. Ahn took their evil eyes and we got a rope belt. Climbed back up using the rope Uruk the awesome used to go swiftly and handsomely down the rope.

- Min did not ride any fomorians because they are scary as hell, something she tried to tell everyone before we bounded into a fight with them (but no one listened).


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