OOC Log 4/18/10

- Went back to Wayfinders, found Kharva who was bloody and furious, breaking anything in reach. We went to get a sandwich at Roland’s suggestion. Came back 20 minutes later, healed her. Found out that Kharva’s boy toy stabbed her and stole the notes that Roland has from the last trip where they think the schema is there.

- Min fixed the circle for the teleportation house. Min learned that circle was sabotaged, was probably one of three people. Met one of those three people at one point. Kyler and Min went to Sharn and had a fun day, eating thrice cooked pheasant (Kyler’s favorite). They also got 5xp for beating up thugs in the cogs.

- Ahn, Niffa and Uruk talked to Boroman told him that Ralenir is Feldan. Told him about the troubles so far. Boroman told Uruk to lay low while he figures out what’s going on.

- Several groups going into the jungle, one is from Morgraive. Rien Akar from Morgraive offered us to come to the Jungle previously, we refused.

- Elaine is on the boat with Roland, Blue Henry and Milo including five no name NPC guards and six no name excavators.

- We split off from them shortly after going on the Hydra river. Got attacked by some drow from Vulkori, there were four melee guys and two archers. Vulkori workship scorpions. They were the blade moon tribe, a tribe that had a reputation for being particularly fierce. Killed them all.

- Min did not ride anything, but she did teleport on top of a guy who was riding something, and he drowned.


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