OOC Log 4/11/10

- Ahn and Niffa saved Min and Kyler by performing ritual

- Kyler was controlled by Voraal (evil lady who owned Kyler) we stopped possessed Kyler from stopping ritual by knocking him out

- Got attacked by lady Voraal hired help, killed them all, took some loot and then

- Got arrested again by Steeljack (Warforged of the Iron Watch)

- Min asked Steeljack what we can do to stop being attacked all the time, he said he formed an army to be kickass for

- Dwarven Stormlord Yorick Amancis said he would clear of us of all charges if we went to the tent of Rusheme and killed the giants. We negotiated to get Elaine out

- Told Stormlord of controlling people through brand like Kyler, the Stormlord was shocked about it

- Min went into her back story. She was a knight of the crescent moon whose job is to protect the prince of Cyre. Day of mourning the prince was running back and saw the mist was killing everyone. Tried to grab the prince and bring him back, prince struck and scarred Min. Min knocked him out and brought him back to camp and left in disgrace.

- Nominated Uruk the military commander. Attacked the hill giants, Uruk told Roland and Min to draw fire and Kyler to attack the captain. Roland sat back and didn’t do anything, Min attacked and teleported the giants everywhere… not a great idea because they were stone throwing giants. Kyler stabbed the captain giant to death many, many times.

- Min rode a giant


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