we are joined by a Thunder Guide

We ran into some trouble picking up Taggert – it seems the Church was not eager to give him up – but we were successful in the end. In fact, even he resisted, until we spoke of Boroman. Then his bags were packed in an instant and we were leaving this strange city and some displeased priests behind. I do not like Flamekeep. I do not speak the language, and the people here are either shrieking zealots or timid mice, frozen in fear under their bizarre pope-king. Their buildings have no grace, no elegance. I will be happy when it is far behind us.

Roland is a kind man, a Lhazaaran shifter and adventurer, but it seems his time with the church has left him injured in more ways than one. He bears an enormous brand – a silver holy symbol embedded into the skin of his chest – and I would imagine as part lycanthrope this causes him great pain, but he does not object. He is weighed down with some enormous guilt, and I suspect this is the cause of his tenure with the church and his lack of protestations at their marring of his body. He has no interest in being freed from either of these injuries, however.

Onward, to Asylum, to retrieve our second companion, a Professor Milo Occham, a gnome who is resting there after his first trip to Xend’rick. Roland seems excited to see him and confident in his knowledge. I am sure he will be a valued member of our cadre.



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